The world of Auhsa rotates around the core of the galaxy once approximately every 92 thousand years.  With each Turn a new Age is created.  The long-lived Purtans, who seem to be ever ageless, as well as the Elven race, which debates who came first to the world, keep history alive with the ancient truths of the past of the world and of the ages before whispering through their lore and religions.

Each Age is met with great turmoil, massive efforts of all races and realms to shift energy and survive as heavens and hells compete for dominance in the next Age. Powerful sages, High Priests and Angels watch as the next Fifth Age begins to turn over and all attention becomes focused on one man: Tyredelle Tyrone Von Armond. 

Born the second son of the Emperor of Purt, Tyredelle rapidly reveals himself to be a champion for racial equality between Purtans and Humans in the empire.  His skill as a gifted healer earns him fame even before he reaches his teenage years.  He is allowed his own pursuits until his older brother unexpectedly dies from a fall.  

Devastated, the Emperor Tyrell becomes hard-handed and harsh with Tyredelle.  So hard is the emperor on his son that at the age of sixteen, Tyredelle enters the monastery to hide from his father’s stern command.  He excels and becomes a teacher of Philosophy, Ethics and Healing.  On his full ordination, he is bonded through the magic of the Church of Angels to a young fellow-priest, a human named Gerome Forester.  At age twenty-one, Tyredelle’s grandfather dies and the throne of Norwood is passed to him through his mother’s line as she is empress and honor bound to not accept the throne.  Tyredelle goes against his father’s wishes, places a regent in command of Norwood and becomes a Hunter for the Church, seeking out the dark and warped creatures of the world and is eventually promoted to Cleric with his partner, Gerome.

In his 45th year he marries the Princess of Krent again against his father’s wishes.  They have their first son within the year, TyvalenKale TyRen Von Armond.  At his wife’s wishes, they have more children, breaking the tradition of having no more than one child a decade at most.  In the 12 years to follow, they have 9 children. 

With politics becoming hasher and the relationship with his father in shambles, Tyredelle appeals for a vacation from the duties of the Church to go home to Norwood and spend a few years fulfilling his duty as King of Norwood, and to be father to his children.  It is three days into this retreat that he is said to have gone mad.  

Stories spin and conflict with each other as to the events that unfold that day in the palace called Rasha.  What is known is that Tyredelle vanishes, his children and wife are found so brutally murdered that it is only with the work of healers that the bodies are able to be identified.  The following day, the emperor, who had rushed from his palace in Ulam Bac with his army, headed to Norwood, vanishes –  army and all –  with no record of what happened.  That same day, the pontiff, Holy Father of the Church, is found murdered on the floor of the Cathedral of the Angels.  Gerome takes both thrones, that of the church and of the empire. Rasha is forever haunted, a place of damnation and nightmare, and the palace is later burned in an effort to purify the site. 

 What objections rise up are rapidly silenced and the Purtans, who are slow to adapt, find themselves increasingly discriminated against.  Many retreat to estates as they hide behind illusion and turn from the world.  Unchallenged, Gerome moves to enforce his rule over the world, one nation, one kingdom, one religion at a time.

One thousand years into Gerome’s rule, Norwood, the former kingdom of Tyredelle, sends desperate word for aid, but before Gerome can learn what has happened or send aid, he discovers that the northern lands of Norwood are sealed by a shield that prevents anyone from entering.  Slowly that shield creeps south, reclaiming the southern end of the kingdom of the lost Prince of Purt.   

It is decades before Gerome comes to believe the truth.  The Kingdom of Norwood has been reclaimed by Tyredelle, now called Shan han non, Deepest Grief, by the ancient language roots shared by both Purtans and Elves.  In time, he is called Shannon, the Shadow King.

 Shannon is known to never leave the safety of his shielded-off kingdom except to visit the ship of a pirate called Elliott Sailor, son of Vennik StormMaker, creator of the Green Tide Pirates. 

Along the border of Norwood, which runs coast to coast along the north of the Empire of Purt, rumors by the people say that the Shadow King hunts the wild things and protects children from dark men and dark magic.  One such child who is whispered about by the staff and local villagers is a boy, Oirion Hennen, grandson of the man who would have been King of Valreen but for his father’s objections to Gerome’s rule.

More than once, they say, as a child this boy was brought back from darkness and returned to his family.  An unhappy and troubled child, Oirion escapes his home for the church and joins the order of warrior priests, known as the 6th Kingdom, which was founded on the philosophies of Tyredelle.  He and his partner James become celebrities in time as they hunt vampires, wargs and other creatures of dark and ancient places along the border between Purt and Norwood. 

When these two, Shannon and Oirion, meet as adults, little do they understand what is about to result from their relationship.        










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