World Map

World Map

Chapter One  History


In the second age of the world, the inhabitants of the great fertile southern continent of Loewen were taught by their Goddess Razz about the many realms and how to open the gates between them. They discovered demons and how to bind them with Deals. Empowered with the strength of the demons, the Razzans moved to conquer the world and thus began the Great War.

The demons were cunning and learned how to manipulate the Deals for their own agenda. Manipulating not only the Razzans but all the other races, they caused them to turn each against the other in an intense struggle for power.

In the places of massive conflict, the energies of High Magics lingered, warping the very fabric of creation. All of the races struggled to survive in a world gone mad. They warred against each other and against the demons who had turned their masters into puppets.

To counter the power of the demons, the Purtan Masters gathered in a sacred place on a great hill and offered their own blood to open a new gate. The sacrifice and surrender of the Masters allowed the angels to enter the world. The legions came, led by Armond, the Archangel. Twelve stayed in Purt, while the others spread out over the world to aid all the races against the Razzans.

Those angels who chose to stay in the land of Purt offered to guide and dwell with the people, not just protect them. Armond and his brothers taught the Purtans the “True Way” and the secrets of heaven and hell.  Doing so, they began the greatest religion the world had ever known. With strength and wisdom, Purt led the fight against Razz with Armond at the head. Soon the other races joined in. The Razzans were driven from their conquest of the world, back to their own lands. There, the final battle was fought.

So great and terrible was the final days that the power released turned the once fertile lands into stone. The heat was so intense, fields of glass stretched out as far as the eye could see. The Razzan were hunted into the very depths of the barren desert that now replaced the once teeming jungle.

With the races of the world nearly destroyed in the war, the people limped to their homes as they could. A few had no way to escape Loewen or no home to return to and so remained on the coasts. They took up posts against the Razzan and became known as the Dacan.

To aid in the rebuilding, the Angels of Purt created twelve great Wells of Power. Here, the warped energy of the world would purge itself and thus become useable. It gave the Purtans the power and security they needed to begin to heal the world. To safeguard this amount of raw power from abuse, the Wells were keyed to the three daughters of Armond: Arell, Landrahh, and Tyrahh. Only their descendants would be able to inherit the Wells.

To stop the chance of more demons returning, Armond and the other angels gathered together. They carved new laws into great stone pillars with their blood – laws to be held by all. The angels were left with no choice but to seal the gates that had been opened with their coming into the world.

Death took them and thus the angels left their people to mend the world on their own. The world was so badly warped that even with all that the angels had done, the people could barely get crops to grow, children failed to be born, and the earth itself trembled and shifted constantly.

After desperate decades that turned into centuries, the strongest and wisest of the Purtans gathered together and made a plan to aid the world as a whole. The greatest and most warped continent, Brackin, would be sealed away inside a magic barrier. This would trap the harshest energies within and give the rest of the world time to heal. Then when the time came, the masters of the world, as a whole, would lower the barrier and use their combined powers to heal the last continent. Under the guidance of the first Empress of Purt, Arell, daughter of Armond, the Barrier was raised.

The Barrier was meant to be taken down and the tainted continent healed. It was never meant to stay. But when the designated time came, the world was not ready. There were still too many warped lands outside the Barrier. The entire line of Arell had been lost to war and the dynasty of Purt had gone to the line of Landrahh, second daughter of Armond. Her descendants were called ‘Von Armond’ in honor of her father. Still, the Barrier never came down.

It remained intact far beyond the intended time frame and into the rule of Tyrell Von Armond, the thirteenth heir in the line of Landrahh. By the time of Tyrell’s reign, the warped lands were healed enough to bring down the Barrier, but the political demands of the daily lives of those in power prevented it. The magic of the Barrier was taken for granted. Then, the empire of Purt was staggered by a set of events that rocked the world.

The Holy Pontiff of the Church of the Angels died and the Emperor Tyrell vanished, along with most of his personal army, at the same time. The son of Tyrell, Tyredelle, was heir to the throne of Purt, but also to the throne of the Holy Church, as he was a great priest and saint. He became the greatest grief of all the world when he was said to have gone insane, murdering his wife and children with such brutality that the place was still cursed five thousand years later. Tyredelle disappeared and none could say where he went.

Grief stricken, the remaining masters of the world stood in shock as the human partner to the missing prince, Gerome, took over the great Purtan Empire and the pontificate of the church. They could do little but watch as the once great empire became unrecognizable. In despair, they saw the bloodlines of Armond vanish, while the Barrier shuddered and shifted. Without the line of Armond to contribute power to assist in removing the Barrier, it would not be long before the aging magics of the barrier would destroy the world.


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