Slang’s Fall – Dragons of Va’Ha’Den

Jesop was sitting on the cupboard when Slang launched after Eclipse.  Jesop had not even had a chance to have a whole cup of tea since leaving Treyven’s.  He had very little warning as he was caught in the sudden rush of erotic power and the sense of falling.  He caught himself from toppling off the counter but he dropped the cup. It spilled and rolled off the countertop.  It really wasn’t a matter now.

Leaving it he stumbled for the bed room. He was hit with a rush from Slang that was like nothing he had felt yet.  It was enough he cried out and collapsed on the floor, grabbing his head as if he had just had his skull cracked from the inside outward.  He struggled to his feet and some how got as far as the bedroom before the roaring was so deafening he couldn’t even think.  He tried once to reach Slang and let him know what was going on, this could not be right, but Slang was lost in the flight.

For one split moment he felt Slang’s great muscles, the power of them in his own, he felt the rush of the wind and the hard sharp turn as he darted after the dragoness.  Jesop could smell her and feel the heat beginning to build in his spine.

He realized what was going on and it as beyond dangerous.  Having a dragon Fall with his Arm un-shielded was known to kill the Arm.  Only a full Savont could risk such a thing.  Slang had not checked shields before he had launched, clearly this was not planned.  Jesop simply did not have the ability to work on them now.

He struggled to fix his shields but his efforts didn’t seem to have any effect and the roaring increased.  The pain made his body convulse.  He caught another flicker of Slang and for a moment caught his breath before he was plunged under again and this was just the Flight not the Fall itself. He had one moment of fear. He had to do something and had no idea what.  This would kill him.

Normally he shielded up enough and drugged himself enough he passed out and had no part of Slang’s amorous nights.  However, he had been given no warning and he was being pulled further and further from any chance of getting control.

He felt something in his head explode.  It felt like warm blood flushing out and creeping through his brain.  Then, Slang Caught her. His taloned hands grabbed her, his tail wound about hers, pulling her in, groan-slits lined up and he sank into her as his wings closed about her and they Fell.

They plummeted toward the earth, the roar and rush left Jesop unable to breath, his body tearing itself up and his mind caught in the wild rush as they plummeted downward. Jesop was aware of nothing beyond the overwhelming power and the sense of speed.

With just enough space left, Slang snapped his wings open with such force they cracked like thunder.  He set Eclipse down softly on the ground and glided upward, caught the wind and sent himself in a spiral to gain the sky again.

She rolled  up and roared at him in defiance and launched after him to prove she was strong enough to out fly him. It was a wild game and erotic enough all over the nest Wings and Arms would be tumbling into each other.  As it should be.

While they did, Jesop was caught, his back arched, eyes glazed over, sweat running, body strained against the leather of his belts. No one would have any idea of the agony he was in. They would assume Jesop was both shielded and keeping company and so enjoying it as much as anyone else might be.  When it was all his body to do to suck in little gasps of air, his mind utterly given over to Slang and lust filled pursuit.

Jesop woke slowly.  He could feel his body had been drugged.  He hurt. His jaws hurt, his head hurt, everything about him hurt. He was in bed though and alive, that was something.  He peeled open his eyes.  They were dry and gritty and took a moment to focus.  He slowly looked over to see Bodie at his bed side.

Bodie sat with Jesop’s leathers in his hands and was bushing them clean with meticulous focus. Bodie looked like his father enough to not be questioned  about his heritage, but he had his grandfather’s extra broad shoulders, deeper than normal chest and reminded Jesop of a bear.  He was soft to speak, slow to anger and the kindest heart Jesop knew.  He was also brutal when he was upset.

“Sorry about the bruise on your jaw,” he said in his slow deep voice.

“Why?  What did you do?” Jesop asked in a dry cracked voice.  His head still hurt and he could hear a roaring sound but he was sane and alive.

“Your teeth were clenched pretty hard.  I was surprised you didn’t break any.”  Bodie set the leather down.  “I gave you 5.  Thunder said anything less wouldn’t have enough effect to drop you out of it.”

“Well I appreciate it, Boe.” He lifted his heavy hand to tenderly trace his jaw.  He could feel the bruise but his whole body hurt so that wasn’t really so much of a thing to worry about.  “How long have I been out?”

“It’s almost dark.  I have been here all day and most of last night.  There is food when your hungry, just a light soup.  I didn’t think you’d want more then that.”

“How did it go?”

“Slang and Eclipse fell three times.  Pretty awesome.  I was here just after the second fall. Slang went up cliff top to preen and she roared a challenge at any female to deny her earned rank.  It was rather a Wild sort of move but the challenge was taken up and Eclipse gutted Banta mid air and ripped her wings off on the way down.  I saw that.  It was very clear there was more than sexual excitement to them both and Eclipse is the now the new Mother.

“The young are very happy about it, certainly the young females.  They are all darting about and tail flicking and even Thunder is getting wound up a bit.  He’s trying to ignore it so I can stay here.”

“It’s alright Boe, if you want to go…but, thank you.  I didn’t get shields up in time and once you slip…”

Bodie smiled. “Consider it papa Jes,” he said.  “You fell twice fully open and a third time with the drugs just starting to let you breathe. I was worried you were going to simply asphyxiate.  No one has done that in three generations.”

“I didn’t do it by choice, Boe, but I suppose if men wanted to make it look good for me that they could be said I did, but they won’t.  And your father is going to lecture me until I go deaf.”

“Speaking of that,” Boe said with a sigh.  “I don’t want to be here.”  He got up and slid a little envelope under Jesop’s pillow.  He kissed Jesop’s forehead and smoothed Jesop’s sweat crusted hair back with a kind soft touch.  Then he was gone out the lair door.  He ran out the sandy floor and leapt with the skill he had learned running and leaping from that very lair door as a child.

They had played such games to forget the tears and the fears of his parents who fought enough Andy had staring bringing his toddling brother and infant brother out of the den and up the hall to Jesop’s to hide and let the babies sleep.

Thunder caught Bodie as smooth as Slang might have and they glided away as Teven entered the room.  Jesop let his eyes close and wished he could fake sleep.  Teven set down a cup of tea at the bed side and sank into the chair Bodie had just left.

“You look awful,” Teven said taking a sip.  “How do you feel?”

Jesop pulled a blanket over his head.

“Get up and have a cup of tea Jesop.  You need the fluids.”

Jesop was desperately thirsty and knew Tev was right.  He groaned and tried to push himself up and his arms just gave out.  Teven jumped up and caught him, pulling him up to the pillows to sit. The Keeper sat suddenly on the bed at the unexpected weight of the Lord Marshal.

Jesop was not a little man and he was solid.  Teven seemed to forget that Jesop was actually taller than he was. Teven jerked his hands off the Lord Marshal when he saw the bruises.  He started at Jesop’s exposed body.

Stretch lines streaked across muscles with raw, blood specked lines in the skin from where the strain of belts had been.  That was only normal for exceptionally hard flying.  There were bruises from where blood vessels had broken and red streaks like lightning shot out from power nodes, in his elbows, palms of his hands, shoulders, three went down his chest and several along his sides.

“Good Lord Jesop,” Teven dropped into the chair reaching for the second cup of tea off the table and handed it to Jesop.  Jesop took it carefully.

“Who came up?” Teven asked.

“Bodie,” Jesop didn’t lie.

“You fell alone? Bodie give you something for the pain?”

“Thunders orders,” Jesop said.

Teven almost didn’t seem to hear him with his focus still on Jesop’s injuries.  He suddenly stood as if about to leave then sat back down.  He sat with a scowl not looking at Jesop at all but talking with Tohke. Jesop’s head started to hurt again and he wished for silence. He wished to be far to the north where no one was, where the only sound was a rare thrush and the wind in the trees.

“Tohke wants to know how you feel.  He’s very concerned about you.”

Jesop lifted the cup and took a slow drink of the tea and looked to Teven.  “I feel about how I look, Tev.  I feel like every muscle in my body is torn and that I just fell too far too fast and stopped too sudden.  I hurt.  A lot,” he added.

“Drink your tea and try to sleep.  I’ll go see to the day’s events.” Teven got up and left Jesop to finish his tea and curl up in bed.  Sometimes Teven’s behavior left Jesop at a loss.  Jesop had to wonder what Teven had been doing that is was Bodie who had come up to check on him and not Teven.  He suspected it had been Tohke who sent Bodie up.  That meant Teven had been busy doing something else.

“Thank Tohke for sending Bodie up,” Jesop said to Slang.  He got an apologetic rumble back.  Slang had to feel terrible for the shape Jesop was in.  Jesop set the tea aside and curled nestled down into the pillows.

“I’ll be alright, just don’t do that without warning me.”


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